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*** Important Update *** The mason jar collection is no longer available online, although they are still available at some of our stockists.  Keep your eye out in late August for the replacement for these candles, a 7oz container candle with a 40 hours burn time.  We like the new candles because they are a bit more modern and a longer burn time but still with our fantastic coconut wax!  ***


This is where is all started!  They are a favorite and for good reason... amazing fragrance, long burn times and a great price!

You will be surprised at how well these little jars fragrance your rooms!  Even though they are small, we double wick them with very small wicks - this keeps the fragrance even for medium to large rooms nice and strong, but also maximizes the burn times, resulting in a good value!  These cute little mason jars will surprise you with their burn times.  Depending on the fragrance, they will last from 30-45 hours!  We make all of our 5.5oz mason jars using our exclusive coconut wax. 

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