Collection: Handcrafted Concrete - 8oz candles

Welcome to the Seasonal Collection, our rotating collection of scents.  Right now, we are featuring our autumn and holiday scents!  These are small batch scents with limited quantities.  Items listed as sold out are sold out until the end of the year


Clean wax ingredients, nature based fragrances, cotton wicks

Size and burn time:

7oz / approximately 40 hours

Room size and scent strength:

Primarily seasonal, we've primarily chosen stronger scents for these small sized candles.  We recommend our Seasonal Collection for medium and small sized rooms, or for those who are scent sensitive, we recommend these candles for large rooms.  (If you like a strong candle and have large open spaces, consider checking out our handmade ceramic collection.)


You can expect a rotating selection of scents in this collection.


Made with vegan coconut wax, these candles boast clean vegetable wax with no animal products or testing.  More sustainable than soy, coconut burns smooth and lovely.  Plus, none of the fussiness of burning a soy candle.  BUT, even better the fragrance throw (distance the scent travels when the candle is lit) rivals that of any wax!

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