Collection: Mix & Match Value Packs

New!  Mix and match your own value packs at an incredible price.  This is a great way to stock up for yourself, buy Christmas gifts or have your own candle party!  

All scents are available this way, even if they are otherwise sold out!

What do you get?

  • 12 candles in our 7-oz size
  • Super generous burn times of 65 hours! 
  • Large selection of scents, even more than are otherwise available 
  • Shipping is included!

Scents available:

All season

- Lemon

- Honeysuckle Jasmine

- Almond


- Charred Marshmallow

- Apple Harvest

- Autumn Lodge

- Falling leaves + musk

- Pumpkin Oat Milk Chai 


- Cinnamon

- Moose Cup Madness (Egg Nog)



?Christmas Memories

- Christmas Tree Lot (Frasier Fir)

- Gingerbread Girl

- Creamy Mint

- Spiced Winter



Room size and scent strength:

Primarily seasonal, we've primarily chosen stronger scents for these small sized candles.  We recommend our Seasonal Collection for medium and small sized rooms, or for those who are scent sensitive, we recommend these candles for large rooms.  (If you like a strong candle and have large open spaces, consider checking out our handmade ceramic collection.)

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