Candle FAQ's

This section covers a variety of FAQ's and typically applies to any Coconut Wax candle with a cotton wick.

Trimming Cotton Wicks

Yes!  You should trim your wicks each time you burn your candle, before lighting.  This will keep that dirty business of soot and smoke far away from your beauties.  Trim to 1/8"-1/4" and discard the trimmings.  

Eeek - I cut my wick too short

If your cotton wick will not stay lit, there is a good chance you've cut it too short.  If this ever happens, 

  • Extinguish your candle.
  • With a q-tip, soak up a little bit of the liquid wax; do not to touch the wax or the wick.  Dispose of the q-tip.
  • Re-light  your candle.
  • If the candle still won't stay lit, repeat this process.

You should not have soot or smoke

We use self trimming cotton wicks.  This means that the wick may curl on itself and form a ball of carbon (black stuff).  This is by design and is how your wick handles the buildup of carbon.  You may see this around the 4 hour mark.  If you see smoke or soot, it is an indication that your wick needs trimmed.  

  • To prevent this, be certain to trim your wick to 1/4" before burning.  
  • If this happens during your burn, extinguish the wick, let the candle cool and trim the wick before re-igniting.  Remove any debris from the candle before re-lighting.


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