How to get your candle refilled

Are you interested in a refill?  We do refills for our luxury vessels - currently, this includes the cut glass and handmade ceramic.  Local pickup only.

To be eligible, take a quick look at your vessel. 

  • Your vessel needs to be in perfect condition, with no chips or cracks.  Only vessels in excellent condition can be refilled, this is because to safely burn a candle, the vessel needs to be in pristine condition.  
  • Your vessel is eligible for no more than 4 refills

To get your vessel read for a refill, here's what you need to do:

  • Drop if off with us, that's it!!  
  • We will clean it, do another inspection for cracks and chips.  
  • You can expect an email from us, telling you that either we have found a flaw, or that we have scheduled your candle.  Most of the time, you can expect to receive your candle within around 3 days.