The E&J Story

Who we are

We started E&J Candle Company to grow together as a mother-daughter team and make something fun for our family and friends.  In the process, we have developed something we think is pretty special.  We started making our candles with soy wax and still believe that it is a fine wax for candles.  We still sell soy wax candles - our wax offers superb scent throw and our customers love our candles! After burning, you can expect the top to look a bit bumpy - this is a signature of soy wax, it is completely normal and will burn just as beautiful next time.

All of our luxury candles (colored glass and cut crystal as well as our cement vessels) use a coconut wax blend, that we blend in house.  It is predominately coconut but also has a bit of soy wax and vegetable hardeners.  We adore this wax and would love to use it in all of our candles, but it does come at a higher price point.  Our coconut wax is beautiful and creamy in texture with a superior scent throw.  It resets with gorgeous tops, so when you finish burning it, it returns to it's beautiful smooth and creamy state.

The E&J difference

  • We offer on-trend candles containers and labeling for a beautiful addition to your decorating and mood setting desires.  
  • We hand pour every candle with either soy or coconut wax.  These waxes are all natural, contain no paraffin and burn clean and long. 
  • We make our cement vessels in house.  We have become skilled in the cement vessel pouring trade.  We make our vessels and stress test them to be sure that they are safe in your home.
  • Most of our candles are made entirely from USA materials.  Our waxes, fragrance oils and our mason jars are US-made.  And since we make our own cement vessels, they are also US-made.  Most of our wicks are US made, although we use a few made in Germany.  All of our packaging is made from recycled materials in the USA.
  • We offer free custom labels on our Trattoria candles.  Email us at to see what we can do for you!
  • We have an option to meet every price point.  No matter your budget, we have high end candles and more affordable candles - all still with amazing quality and natural waxes!

Soy or Coconut, the great debate...

Here's the skinny, they are both GREAT waxes!  

Natural waxes in candles are amazing - they are non-toxic, unlike paraffin which is a crude oil product and releases toxins in your air.  There are getting to be more and more wax options - ranging from soy to coconut, beeswax and even apricot!  If you choose a natural wax, you've automatically upgraded your candles and helped keep your air cleaner!

Warning - we do NOT recommend big box natural wax candles.  The labeling practices of the larger candle companies are VERY misleading.  (Bath & Body Works, for example, has no requirement to accurately label they candles and can label them with "soy" even if they are 95% paraffin.)

Some handmade candles contain a tiny bit of food grade paraffin.  Although we do not do this, we believe that this is acceptable.  We still prefer to stay clear of paraffin.

Both are super clean burning!

Research studies have shown that coconut wax burns even cleaner than soy.  You should see virtually zero soot, our wicks are self trimming, but we still recommend trimming your wick to 1/4" each time before you burn your candle.  

With soy wax candles, you definitely should extinguish the candle at the 4 hour mark.  They will soot if you leave them burning.  Some people get around this by consecutively burning candles, to keep the mood going all day and into the evening.

Sustainably harvested and made in the USA

Environmentally speaking, coconut wax is the better choice.  Our coconut wax is all natural, made from coconuts harvested in the tropics, they then and go through a manufacturing process where the meat is separated and the husks and scraps are made into coconut wax.  There is no coconut smell that remains in the wax, just amazing fragrance that we add during the candle making process!  We add a bit of soy and vegetable hardeners to fortify (harden the wax).  There are no petroleum or GMO products in our coconut wax.


Soy wax is better for burning than other natural waxes, but the farming practices have been called into question.  Soy wax can never technically be organic since soy can contain GMO soy and there is no way it can be tested or removed.  If it is important to you, to avoid all GMO materials, we recommend our coconut wax.  Coconut wax is organic and we only use a bit of soy to harden the wax.

Burning Characteristics

If you've burned a soy candle (correctly) in the past, you'll know that if you don't burn your candle until you have an entire melt pool, you can ruin your candle & it will tunnel and you will waste your candle.  If you buy our soy candles, it is very important to burn it for around 4 hours at a time - especially during the first few times you burn it.

Coconut wax is MUCH easier.  It is still a long burning wax, the optimal time to burn it is 3-4 hours.  However, with coconut wax, if you need to blow it out early it will still work great!  Burn it next time & it will even out and catch up!  This is GREAT news!

Come and meet us! 

All of our products are made in our studio in Lake Stevens, Washington.  We love participating in local markets and would love to meet you there soon!

In the meantime, we hope that you will find something special for yourself or someone you love while shopping with us. Thank you for stopping by, and do contact us if there is anything we can help you with!