Why handmade candles

Why buy handmade candles, period.

Let's face the elephant in the room... There is no secret about it, we sell handmade candles, and yes, we think that they are better than 99% of what you can buy in the store, at the mall or anywhere around.  We know that you have SO many choices when it comes to candles but this is is a bit about why you should buy handmade candles and give up the Yankee Candle, Bath & Body works candle and anything else that you might be thinking about right now!

I'm not bashing these big companies, they have been selling for years, they have HUGE marketing budgets and a brand that has a following for years.  I have bought them, but these are some reasons that I don't now - and it has very little to do with my own business.

Most of the big name candles are made with Paraffin

Yes, there are people that still use paraffin.  Even some handmade candle makers use paraffin, but I don't.  Paraffin is a by-product of crude oil.  It has been refined to take the impurities out, but research has shown that burning it releases toxins into the air.  I don't know about you, but I just don't want to be burning any type of product that is going to release that junk into the air.  I have kids, I have pets and I care about what I and the world around me breathes.

Even the mass-market soy candles contain Paraffin!

If you buy a candle marked as "soy", make sure it says 100% soy or "all natural wax".  If it is not marked like this, they can blend paraffin in with soy and still market it as a "soy candle".

Every candle you buy from E&J Candle Company is made with love

We make sure that every wick is centered, that our candles are tested for optimal burn time and great scent throw.  Every candle is poured by hand, with loving care for my craft and so that my customers get a top notch candle.  I don't use big machines that squirt in the wax, I do everything to make your candle perfect.  And if it's not, I will replace it!  I am a real person, I am excited to fill orders, to hear how much my customers love my candle.

But candles are simple to make, right?  Stick in wick, melt wax & pour...

Anyone who has tried to perfect candle making will tell you that to have an average candle, that is true, the idea is simple.  But we want our candles to be AMAZING.  And to be amazing, we have spent hundreds of hours...

  • Testing wax - every candle wax is different.  They have different materials and processes and some are better than others.
  • Testing scents - to find the best smelling and also with the best scent throw.  Every scent must be put into a candle and burned to smell it.  If we can't smell it in the next room, it doesn't make the cut.  Some fragrances are softer than others, so while some are strong others are gentle.  We do our best to have a balanced offering with something for everyone.
  • Finding the perfect candle vessels, or containers.  We have decided on several different options to get started.  We got our start in mason jar candles, so at least for now, we will keep offering these jars.  We make a handmade container.  And we also offer a high end "fancy" container.
  • Finding the perfect candle wick.  Every candle scent, jar and wax has a unique wick combination.  If you change any of these elements, you have to re-test the candle again.  That means for one scent, we might have tested for a hundred hours!  And that is just ONE scent!
  • Once you have the perfect formula, making the candle is a manufacturing process.  With the right equipment, it is a beautifully calm and enjoyable process! 

Things not included here are time researching safety standards, completely understanding the craft of candle making and business planning (for seasons ahead, etc).

Why do handmade candles cost more?

See the previous section.  Cheap candles are fast.  Quality candle making is a labor intensive process.  Cheap candles are also not safe.

We want you to have a beautiful experience with your candle and to be safe while you do it.  We put in the time to make sure that you love your candle and are safe too!

What about soy?  I see lots of candles made with soy!

Soy has gained popularity faster than Coconut wax primarily because of the price point.  Per pound, coconut wax is more expensive.  However, we think that it is worth it and here's why... 

  • Soy wax has memory - it's harder to work with as a candlemaker, but ultimately it's the customer experience that I switched for.  If you've burned a soy candle, you've probably been told - "don't stop burning it until is is liquid all the way across the top" or "candles have memory".  If you don't burn your soy candle like this, it will result in tunneling, straight down with wax left on the sides.  A big waste of money on a candle that is not cheap!
  • Coconut wax has no memory - Coconut wax burns different, your candle will come with directions, but in general, it is not important to burn your candle all the way across.  Coconut wax candles often don't burn off the wax on the sides for several burns.  It doesn't have memory, so you don't have to be near as worried about ruining your candle.
  • Aesthetics - Soy is a lumpy wax, when making a soy candle, it is labor intensive to get a smooth top and then as soon as you burn it, It looks lumpy and crusty.  Coconut wax is smooth and creamy.  It sets creamy and it will reset creamy and smooth after you burn it.  It is just pure beauty in a candle!
  • Sustainability - Soy wax is made from soybeans, while it does seem that this would be sustainable, deforestation to plant the soybeans is a grave environmental concern and as such does not fit into our model for sustainability.  Don't even get me started about palm wax, trees come down for this wax. 

Coconut is where it's at

Yes, it does cost more, but if you care for the air you breathe, the health of the planet or the beauty of you candle, coconut wax is the place to be.